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These are wonderful Blue Aquamarine drop earrings. The AA Soft blue Aquamarine Earrings are alive with the glistening and sparkle!

This is the Piper Earring design -- new at LBJ -- but soon to be a favorite! And we couldn't love it more than here in this fabulous, shimmery, soft Blue Aquamarine. Modern and traditional at the same time! Minimal embellishments except for the trio of sterling silver beads are perfect for this lovely pair of aquamarine earrings... just enough to add mystique to these beautiful natural Aquamarine stones. All .925 Sterling Silver -- oxidized, sanded and burnished to the perfect finish. Easy on and squeeze although they will come with a rubber stopper.

All traditional silversmithing is done in my Baltimore, MD studio..

AAA Blue Aquamarine 10X12mm

Total length 7/8 inches

.925 Sterling Silver.

All traditional silversmithing is done in our Baltimore, MD Studio.

Blue Aquamarine Earrings Sterling Silver

Aquamarine comes from the Latin, aqua Marinus, or “water of the sea”. You could say aquamarine is the universe’s solid embodiment of the sea. As you gaze deeply into a pretty aquamarine, you begin to see that it is full of mirrors and even colors. Because of its infinite reflections, Aquamarine is a stone of mystics and shamans. They believe that through infinite reflections we come to the truth, therefore the stone inspires truth.

At Linda Blackbourn Jewelry, we've done our best to describe everything as accurately as possible -- in words and photos. All jewelry designs are created using natural gemstones and metals. Gemstones and pieces vary, of course, as do computer monitor screens, so there may be minor discrepancies. Our best is done to represent colors and markings accurately in our photos.

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Materials: Aquamarine, 925 Sterling Silver.

Collections: Earrings, New + Original Designs

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