About Us

I am a jewelry designer and silversmith in the Washington DC metro area, Silver Spring MD, specifically, selling my hand crafted jewelry at my website, here on Etsy, and at local shows, street fairs at home parties, and at my own brick and mortar store: http://www.galaartisans.com. See my unique gemstone jewelry catalog at my Website: http://www.lindablackbournjewelry.com. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Linda.Blackbourn.Jewelry. Blogging at http://www.lindablackbournjewelry.blogspot.com. Tweeting at http://twitter.com/azjewelrydesign. Pinning at http://pinterest.com/lindablackbourn/ I am on Instgram as Linda Blackbourn.

As a kid, I was always making things. While other girls played with barbies ... I liked the barbie case with all it's compartments. I dumped out all the barbie paraphernalia and filled it with precious jewels and wallpaper samples and glitter and buttons and other colorful snippets that caught my eye. I was constantly constructing things or embellishing things with my treasures.

I had a special compartment for unique rocks and stones ... the shinier or more interesting the better. Pretty soon the whole case was dedicated to my rocks. Things have not changed much ...

I love rocks. I dream about gemstones! And to me, there is something very special about hand crafted jewelry. I respect a big diamond from one of the commercial makers -- as a stone. But I will always prefer a piece of handmade jewelry. It's as if the maker's energy is a vital part of it. Not to mention the energy of the gemstones themselves, which cannot be denied!

I do most of my gemstone and metal buying at a couple of the top International gem shows, and I am very careful and deliberate about it. I wait for the stones to speak to me. (Okay -- not literally. I am sane.) But over the years I have refined my tastes and now only buy the best, A or better grade gemstones, .925 Sterling Silver from Bali and India, as well as 14 Karat Gold Filled metals. I take pride in being original and unique with my jewelry designs, while trying to remain relevant to the current fashion trends.

I am am the sole artisan behind Linda Blackbourn Jewelry, and I am completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. I stand behind my hand crafted jewelry 100%. I am also totally open to working with a client to create a special piece of jewelry or set. Please contact me if you like my style or my touch. I love to do weddings. I have done the jewelry for several weddings in the last couple years and can provide references.

Have fun looking at my hand crafted gemstone jewelry and ...THANKS!