Online Live Sales, Oh MY

Online Live Sales, Oh MY

September 30, 2020 1 Comment

I will admit that live social media like Facebook Live totally goes against my grain. I have always been a small business owner, and by small I mean myself in a studio and then in a small brick and mortar shop in a walkable neighborhood to sell the work I made in the studio. I love the person to person interaction.

I feel self-conscious in front of a camera on a good day, but the world has changed. It’s gonna feel really weird, but enough. I am embarking on live social medial sales!  

The first sale is this Friday, October 2, and it will be earrings, earrings earrings!! I am not sure how long things will take but I have a lot. You all can chime in if you're there and let me know what stones you like or need to fill into your collection. The Gala stock is lots of posts and post hoops! I am marking all that down greatly! And then ... some brand new beaded earrings made from my gorgeous collection of semi-precious stone beads! (TURQUOISE, LAPIS, CORAL & MORE). I have been pandemically creative with beads! I still LOVE beaded jewelry ... especially when the stones are like these

My loose plan is to have weekly sales on Friday afternoons/evenings and maybe Saturday mornings. I have a lot of jewelry that I had on display in the shop ready to go. 

Facebook Live Sale! Friday, 2pm Eastern

Stop into the sale to say hi! I have created an event on the Facebook Page. Let's see if I can figure out how to post the video during the sale!

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December 11, 2020

I don’t have Facebook, but would love to view this sale if possible! Is there a way for those without social media to participate? No worries if not, but thought I would ask! Thanks.

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