Humming Along ... Workshops are Here :)

Humming Along ... Workshops are Here :)

November 05, 2021 1 Comment

So … we did it! We are in our new space and humming along! Voila some snaps :)

Linda Blackbourn Jewelry - Workshop by LBJ Baltimore


Linda Blackbourn Jewelry Showroom, 3600 Clipper Mill Rd #124, Baltimore Linda Blackbourn Jewelry - Baltimore, MD
  Earrings - Linda Blackbourn Jewelry, Baltimore Workshop by LBJ - Linda Blackbourn Jewelry - Baltimore, MD  Choose your own Stone - Linda Blackbourn Jewelry - 3600 Clipper Mill RD #124, Baltimore, MD

This was a big leap! A new town. New neighbors. Lots of work!

First and foremost, this is our new Baltimore studio - the new home of Linda Blackbourn Jewelry AND Workshop by LBJ, and we could not be happier. Designed to our specs in this perfect space - at this cool location - Meadow Mill, 3600 Clipper Mill RD., #124, Baltimore. We feel very lucky!

Right away our busy little LBJ studio was on the ground running, and we soaked up the space like a sponge. The showroom is perfect to display our collection, and our STONES, and more! AND ... we just love it!

(View Store Hours and details.) 

But the big news ... we have designed and launched our Workshop Program.  Linda has been working with another jewelry professional to design the first few workshops. Between the two of them is probably 40 years in the jewelry biz. (Neither of them feels the need to discuss this too much further, btw, lol.)

We've created workshops based on what we would want to wear - today. We are inviting you to join us in our creative space to work with what we would to create on trend pieces you will want to wear. Our next step is to make some samples and get the photos done and posted - watch here for another post soon with that AND instructor bios, etc. 

Upcoming Workshops:

    Flash Workshops (1-1.5 hours)

  • Friday November 12 - Boho Earrings with Ring - 6-7:30 pm Stop by and flex your creative muscles leaving with a pair of on trend Boho Gemstone Earrings featuring .925 Sterling Silver findings and textured .925 Sterling Silver Rings. While having fun you will learn wire wrapping skills including basic connections and links as well as creating simple wire wrapped gemstone drops. Focus on design and color theory before learning hammer texturing skills and how to oxidize and polish if desired. Best part? Leaving with a beautiful pair of trendy boho earrings you will treasure and wear all the time. 

        Class Fee $45 (plus materials avg $25)

        Class Fee $40 (plus materials avg $10)


  • Friday November 19 - Gemstone Stretch Bracelet or Infusion Bracelet - 6-7:30 pm Stretch bracelets are the ultimate in versatility AND modern style. Stop by to make your own stretch bracelet focusing on color theory and gemstone properties. Discuss the pros and cons of materials commonly used and learn a skill that will keep you being creative for a lifetime! 

            Class Fee $40 (plus materials avg $10)


  • Saturday November 20 - Wire Wrapped Ring - 2:30-3:30pm This fun workshop will teach you how to make your own wire wrapped gemstone or pearl ring. Learn basic wire wrapping skills as well as mandrel use to learn a skill you will have for a lifetime. Leave with a gemstone or pearl statement ring you made yourself. 

            Class Fee $40 (plus materials avg $15)


        All Levels Workshops (2.5 hours)


  • Saturday November 13 - Stringing Basics - 11am-1:30pm This focused workshop is the perfect starting place for any jewelry enthusiast. Join us to design and create your own Gemstone and/or Freshwater Pearl Necklace and Earring set in .925 Sterling Silver. Learn skills as you go in this fun workshop. With a keen focus on the design and planning stages, we will explore color theory and elements of design as well as discuss the believed metaphysical properties of the gemstones and pearls. Work with us to design your perfect set with our great variety of trendy gemstone focals and beads. We will use professional grade stringing materials and .925 Sterling Silver clasps and findings. Leave with a .925 Sterling Silver and Gemstone Necklace and Earring set you will want to wear again and again, as well as a set of skills that will last a lifetime! 

            Class Fee $75 (Materials fee $25+)


    • Saturday November 20 - Boho Mixed Media Gemstone and .925 Sterling Silver Necklace - 11am-1:30pm This fun and creative workshop will focus on designing and  creating a Boho Mixed Media and .925 Sterling Silver Necklace. Take your project from an idea to a beautiful necklace while learning wire-wrapping skills - connections and links/charms. Learn how to create a hammered finish or incorporate vegan leather learning punching and needle work. Choose from trendy focal stones and sterling rings and chains learning elements of design, color theory - and gemstone ID/metaphysical properties. Look through your favorite catalogs for inspiration! We will help you bring your boho look together for a fraction of the cost.

            Class Fee $75 (Materials Fee $50+)

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    Ashlea Smith
    Ashlea Smith

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    When will you have workshops in December? :)

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