Spiny Oyster Earrings - Spiny Oyster Post Drops - Dalmation Jasper Earrings

These are new, Limited Edition, LBJ Spiny Oyster Post Drop Earrings with Dalmation Jasper. They will stop people in their tracks. Super fun and playful while offering wonderful examples of natural Spiny Oyster Shell and Dalmation Jasper. We will ship the earrings in the photos.

We love the post-drop design at LBJ. Here, the top posts are substantial and come with a large, snug, no-droop, silicone back, and our standard titanium clutch backs. Spiny Oyster Shell offers a beautiful pop of red-orange color. The free-swinging bottoms are natural, unique, Dalmation Jasper flat, pear-shapes, with its typical black spots on creamy white background. Traditional silversmithing is done in our Baltimore, MD studio.

Spiny Oyster top stones (posts), 10X12mm
Bottom stones (drops) 22mm
Total Length - 2 inches
Total Width - 7/8 inch
All .925 Sterling Silver

Spiny Oyster Shell has been used since prehistoric times by native-americans in their jewelry to achieve toy classic pop of red orange to their jewelry. We use it for the same reason here at LBJ. It comes from the shell of the bivalve mollusk, Spondylus various.

Dalmatian Jasper reconnects us with our playful nature, it balances Yin and Yang and aligns the Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies with the etheric realm. It helps overcome depression, nightmares and negative thinking.

All Natural Stones vary, as do computer monitors and phone screens. We've done our best to describe and represent our jewelry in words and photos.

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Materials: Silver, Spiny Oyster, Dalmation Jasper.

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