Ruby in Fuchsite Ring - Choose your Stone - Boho Ring - .925 Sterling Silver - Big Ruby Ring

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The pastel greens, fuscia pinks and gorgeous ruby markings in this Ruby in Fuschite will make you look at the ring on your finger in wonder. This elegant Ruby in Fuschite ring is a showstopper featuring remarkably beautiful examples of the mineral, highlighted even more by a 14Kt Gold Filled bezel - balance .925 Sterling Silver. Simple Enhancements of silver and gold let the stone shine in this design. Choose your size and stone. These natural ruby fuschite stones are spectacular - please choose your stone from the dropdown. The stones are in the highlighted photos as you choose.

Ruby in Fuchsite AAA - 13X18 mm
Ring Top 17X21mm
.925 Sterling Silver

These stones are primarily composed of green fuchsite and inclusions of black hornblende and red ruby. Ruby in Fuchsite works to fill the void! It removes dark energy and aligns the chakra while imbuing you with a sense of love and joy. Ruby Fuchsite is also a great stone for the root chakra. Called Muladhara, the root chakra is located at the base of the spine and affects your feelings of stability.

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Materials: Ruby, Sterling Silver, Ruby in Fuchsite.

Collections: New + Original Designs, Rings

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