Big Jade Traditional Posts - Jade Posts - Jade Studs - .925 Sterling Silver - 12mm Jade Post Earrings

Large and gorgeous, natural, Green Jade (12 mm) is featured in this traditional post earring. All .925 Sterling Silver. You can't make this color up!! You will get a large pop of the green you want -- in a post! Enhanced by a simple .925 Sterling Silver Twist wire. Burma Green Jade Traditional Posts. All traditional Silversmithing is done in my Baltimore MD studio.

12mm Burma Jade stone
15mm measurement total.
.925 Sterling Silver

Jade is most valued for its metaphysical properties. It is the ultimate "Dream Stone," revered in ancient cultures, as well as today, to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, encourage creativity, and dream-solve. It is cherished as a protective talisman, assuring long life and a peaceful death, and is considered a powerful healing stone. An amulet of good luck and friendship, Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see oneself as they really are.

Materials: Silver, Jade.

Collections: Jewelry

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