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LBJ Pop Rock Ring in Golden Rutilated Quartz

Everybody loves this Golden Rutilated Quartz ring. These Golden Rutilated Quartz stones are amazing. The strong golden rods or rutiles seam to float in the cloudy, natural quartz. Very unique! Our Pop Rock Ring lets the 10mm Golden Rutilated Quartz be the center of the show! Just right - easy to wear. Enhanced with a simple twist wire, this Golden Rutilated Quartz Ring stands alone or is a fantastic addition to a handful of rings. All .925 Sterling Silver. Choose your size in the drop-down below. All traditional silversmithing is done in our Baltimore Studio.

Golden Rutilated Quartz 10mm
Ring Top 13mm
Choose your size
all .925 Sterling Silver

Rutilated Quartz casts powerful swathes of warm light that combat any anxiety and negativity you’re experiencing. In other words, this stone acts as a source of positivity, optimism, and success.

All jewelry designs are created using natural gemstones. There will be some natural variation in the jewelry. Our best is done to represent colors and markings in our photos.

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Materials: sterling silver, Golden Rutilated Quartz.

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