Bumble Bee Jasper Posts - Bumble Bee Jasper Earrings - .925 Sterling Silver


There is bumblebee jasper and then there is bumblebee jasper. These cushion-cut triangle pairs are stunning! Unusually high-grade. All traditional silver-smithing is done in our Baltimore, MD studio.

Natural Bubblebee Jasper Pairs
Posts measure 1/2 inch
All metal .925 Sterling Silver

Bumble Bee Jasper helps with change and uncomfortable situations. It aids you in adjusting to those new situations and surroundings. It can help you break out of your comfort zone. It also helps give you an ego boost and help highlight your individuality so that you may start seeing yourself in a whole different light. If you are someone who suffers through constant depression then this stone can definitely help ward some of this depression off and replace it with positivity.

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“The gemstones are so beautiful on their own -- they don't need much intervention from me!"

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Materials: Stone, Silver.

Collections: Earrings, Jewelry, One of a Kind

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