Weddings at LBJ

Wedding Jewelry is not just about Engagement Jewelry at LBJ. 

The jewelry you wear on your wedding day will be in your jewelry box forever. Make sure it's what you want! 

Formal Jewelry at LBJ brings together precious gemstones, pearls and metals that are designed to be treasured forever.

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Custom Bridal Jewelry

Every bride's vision of her perfect day is different - as is each and every bride! Book an appointment to design your jewelry based on your exact dress and taste as well as making it fit perfectly and adding personalized touches.


What jewelry to wear on your special day? Reach out for a private consultation. 

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Design your custom Wedding Jewelry and get exactly what you want.

Bridal Party Workshops 

Let LBJ help you design a fun, jewelry making workshop for you and your wedding.

  • Get exactly the jewelry you want for your wedding
  • Offer a super fun wedding event your attendants will remember forever
  • Everyone leaves with a hand crafted jewelry gift to keep and cher ish
  • Starting at $45 per guest plus materials 

Jewelry Making can be so much fun - especially with a bottle of wine!

We will make it easy and help you every step of the way.

Design the jewelry you want your attendants to wear and add another super fun and memorable experience for your wedding party.

Create the jewelry you want for your big day - and to offer as attendant's gifts.

Contact us for your Wedding Jewelry Workshop consultation

Custom Groomsmen gifts no matter what your style.