Sun Drop Pendant - Spiny Oyster Pendant - Spiny Oyster Necklace - Chili Red Pendant

Necklace length

You get the color you need with this fantastic Spiny Oyster! Some days all we want is a pop of color. Spiny Oyster is where we find this sunny, chili pepper red/orange in western jewelry ... and also here at LBJ!

The Sun Drop Pendant will brighten up even the darkest day! 12mm is plenty of a pop of this chili red or orange color - lightweight and polished smooth for comfort as well! .925 Sterling Silver

Spiny Oyster Round (12mm)
.925 Sterling Silver Balance
Optional Chain and lengths

Spiny Oyster was used by Native American artists to make inlays in fine jewelry. It comes from the shell of the bivalve mollusk, Spondylus various. Like many other bivalve mollusks, the soft, meaty interior of Spondylus is edible, so the Spiny Oyster’s valued for its hard, outer shell as well as its interior meat. Despite its name, the Spiny Oyster’s much more closely related to the scallop than to the true oyster.

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Traditional silversmithing is done in my Baltimore, MD studio.

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Materials: 925 sterling silver, Spiny Oyster.

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