What is Design? Is there anything new under the sun in the jewelry world?

What is Design? Is there anything new under the sun in the jewelry world?

August 07, 2019

What is design? 

When you ask an architect to come into your home to help you design a project, she will ask you what problems you want to solve.

I am a jewelry designer. What problems can I possibly solve with jewelry design? How to strap rocks to our body and look nice while we’re doing it? 

But seriously. What do you want from your jewelry?

We've all had many many necklaces in our lives. Some hang beautifully and permanently in our jewelry stash. Some we wear almost constantly -- even forgetting them and waking up wearing them.

I will admit that I haven't been a big necklace wearer. In the last few years, as I have stepped into the driver's seat of this business, I have started to wear necklaces more. It's part of my job after all.

Here's what leaves me looking for more after wearing some designs:

  • I don’t want to look down to find the pendant is nowhere near the middle of the front of my neck but the clasp is.
  • I want the design to be modern and unique and stone centered - I don't want a lot of added elements.
  • I want my necklace to be adjustable. Sometimes I want it with a T-shirt. Sometimes I want it with a blouse and jacket. Whatever. I want choices.
  • I want the chain to be proportional to the pendant. No, all chains are not created equal for all pendants. I want the chain to be correct for the pendant in size and texture.




Enter the Hanging Rock necklace in Bumble Bee Jasper. 

We have amassed such incredibly beautiful and interesting semi-precious cabochons over the years. It's not simply that this stone is a wonderful specimen of bumble bee jasper, but the cut is so interesting! It truly needs no intervention.

This design allows free movement and for the stone to speak for itself. Chain specifically calibrated size-wise -- with a closure at 16 and 18 inches -- all integrated. Soon to be available in many more stones. Watch video to see the movement. Watch Video here

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