The Urban Cowboy -- Man or Myth

The Urban Cowboy -- Man or Myth

February 08, 2019

There are a lot of things that separate “traditional” men and women. One disparity I’ve never been sorry about is wardrobe. In my opinion, women are the lucky ones. We have so many more choices at our disposal! And it’s not just variety in styles, but we are free to add and play with colors and textures and shine. We can really express ourselves and choose who we want to be through clothing and accessories.

In old-timey, east coast professional settings -- the only place for a “traditional” man to express himself safely has been the unusual necktie or the occasional (and mostly hidden) colorful socks. (woohoo!) Am I the only woman who secretly gets weak in the knees around a man who has the audacity to walk past me in a cowboy hat and bolo?

I’m very glad that men’s choices are expanding and I am seeing beautiful new bolo ties and styles popping up everywhere. I love making bolos! And leave it to women to know a good thing when they see it -- women are wearing bolos everywhere!


bolo tiebolo tiebolo tie

I just fell in love with this beautiful and unusual porcelain jasper -- each and every piece has it’s own, remarkable beauty. I have many specimens in this shape for custom orders. 

If you're looking to give one of these as a gift for the urban cowboy in your life you can find them HERE.

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