My most valuable possession cost $9.99 at Target - What is your power jewelry?

My most valuable possession cost $9.99 at Target - What is your power jewelry?

December 04, 2020

My most valuable possession cost $9.99 at Target. I look at it every morning and have for more than 20 years. I have moved it and carefully found and re-attached it somewhere in my bedroom more than a few times. It is banged up and ugly and doesn’t look like it belongs with the rest of my furniture. In my current home it’s attached to the solid wood closet door. What is it? It is my obviously misleading but very flattering full length mirror.

I look great in my bedroom! I mean really good. When I pull my outfit together, get dressed and start my day -- I spend a few extra minutes there and make sure I get a boost of confidence from my magic mirror - then I avoid full-length mirrors and or walk past them quickly for the rest of the day. Confidence is worth more than all the weight-loss programs and skin-care regimens combined, and I don’t care if you need a magic mirror to get it ... get it! 

I grew up during the twiggy-induced launch of anorexia in the seventies. It’s a sticky thing to shake off! Little by little I have learned to accept the fact that at 5 foot 3 and consistently weighing in at a little over what’s considered optimal -- I am not going to become a leggy blonde any time soon. I’ve even gotten to the point where I don’t want to. 

Confidence is the most attractive thing we can wear! The sooner a person can get to the point in their lives where they just own it, whatever “it” is -- the sooner they can get on with a wonderful life, using all their energy towards being true to themselves. And THAT is attractive.

I do think things have changed to a certain degree -- at least I hope so. These days I see women (and men and non-binary) owning their body types and gender identities and allowing themselves to become who they are meant to be. It’s such a breath of fresh air.

To some people putting on their favorite jewelry gives that same boost of confidence. Below is our newest Royston Ribbon Turquoise power necklace.


An early home show customer told me that a necklace she bought from me was her go-to power necklace. She wears it when she needs that boost of confidence. If that is so I feel wonderful about it as a designer ... who wouldn't! (By the way, we've long stopped making that design but I still see her wearing it on Facebook ... and I still think of certain pieces as "power" pieces because of her.)

For me, I think it’s earrings. I have a few pairs that are my go-to's that make me feel untouchable. And of course the mirror ... which I need less and less as I lose my eyesight. JK

What jewelry gives you the most confidence? 

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