Mothers Day Pearls - Strength and Beauty

Mothers Day Pearls - Strength and Beauty

May 02, 2023

Happy Mother's Day Everyone! Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays at LBJ and one of my personal favorites (LB of LBJ). My kids are my greatest joy and my greatest pride.

Springtime is here. Flowers are in bloom. This year for Mothers Day our theme is Pearls.


It's only fitting to compare mothers to pearls. Just like pearls, mothers are  treasures that we hold close to our hearts. Motherhood is a journey that requires patience, sacrifice, and unconditional love. Like the patience of a mother - pearls are formed when a grain of sand enters a shell. The mollusk protects itself by meticulously secreting nacre layer by layer - coating that grain of sand until a pearl is formed. This process is long and arduous - requiring patience, resilience and selflessness - not unlike that of a mother.


But with all the strength of pearls and mothers, its the beauty, luster and timelessness that we think of with both a beautiful pearl or a beautiful mother. 


And just like pearls, mothers come in all shapes, sizes and colors - and each is beautiful and valued in their own way. While Round pearls are typically the most valuable and sought-after shape - we love the mysterious shapes and lusters of Baroque pearls. Who can argue with the cuteness of a Nugget Pearl or the beauty of a Coin Pearl? Or the familiar shapes of the Potato Pearl or the Rice Pearl - all coming in natural hues from white to deep blue/black and a tremendous variety of luster.

We can easily say that each mother is just as unique and valued as a pearl - and each brings her own private luster to her life. And when we think of strong women  - powerful women in politics or business - they usually have a strand of pearls around their neck. 

So, let’s celebrate Pearls and Mothers and Strong Women! Let's celebrate the women who have raised us and the women who raised them.

Happy Mother's Day!

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