Happy Independence Day! Girls can wear bolo-ties too!

Happy Independence Day! Girls can wear bolo-ties too!

July 04, 2019

Independence Day - Yay!

What does independence mean to you?

We know to strive for it. We know it’s the ultimate goal whether it be financial independence ... creative or psychological independence. And it starts, quite literally, in the crib. Think, “he’s a self-soother". Move on to self-starters and independent thinkers. It never leaves as a goal to be had. 

But how does the goal of being independent work when we are constantly being told what to do? From day one we’re restricted to pink or blue. We pick up a magazine to know how to dress and turn on the news to know what to think. How are we supposed to reach our goal of becoming independent thinkers and doers with people telling us what to do all the time?

If we’re lucky … there comes a day we stop listening! That’s our independence day!

In my opinion … independence and individuality should be nurtured, and what happens in our society is the opposite. Like standards of a breed, we’re shown how to be. The ideal student, the ideal partner, the ideal relationship. Everything is held up to a standard! Some of these norms are so deeply rooted that we can’t even see them for what they are.

And how about all the ads in the magazines about anti-aging, and the stories about “What not to wear after 40” and ...don't grow your hair long or wear skirts above the knee when you’re over 50. And after coloring your hair for years and trying a few of those anti-aging lotions and shoving oneself into a Spanx a time or two you say -- basta! Enough is enough! 

It’s a revelation! There are no actual rules!  You can let your hair go white and wear what the hell you want! 

Me in my bolo ...
Please join me in wearing whatever you want whenever you want to!

Happy independence day! Have a wonderful celebration however you choose to celebrate!

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