ESPT-T Entrepreneur

ESPT-T Entrepreneur

August 27, 2021

I just took the Meyers Briggs personality test. The results surprise some people who don’t know me well, but not me or those in my family. 

ESPT-T Entrepreneur.

Generally, people who don’t know me well assume I’m an artist/maker, and they are correct. I am ALWAYS making something from something else and creating beauty somewhere around me. Yes, it’s chaotic and disorganized around my house and studio. Typical artist.

But, at 58, with my kids pretty launched and still having my wits about me, what am I doing? I am opening another business - in Baltimore. And not just Linda Blackbourn Jewelry, but this time, I want to have fun! I sit with the wisdom of my years, a lot of creative energy and a studio full of tools and talent and SO MANY STONES! So many beads and cabochons and colorful, sparkly, magical STONES that I have been collecting over decades! And I want you to see them and touch them and feel their presence!

Sure you will be able to shop the LBJ collection, along with one of a kind pieces that you will only see there, but we want to share more than that. We want to share our excitement for stones and our excitement for MAKING! 

I believe that making is not only fun but it's healthy for our minds and spirits as well as cathartic in these challenging times. If you grew up with my kids you might remember the Craft Room. This is a room in the house where we keep the paints and papers and beads and buttons and a kiln and the sewing machine and anything else we've collected from all the making!

I am recreating the craft room at the new shop -- but only for jewelry making! I am ordering all the fun things for the jewelry classes and workshops -- think stamping and beading and leather beaded bracelets and precious metal clay - we can do anything! How fun is that? It’s like I get to invite everyone over to play.

I have no doubt that my people will find me. My stone people AND the makers and makers at heart. 

WORKSHOP by LBJ - Fall 2021

3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 124, Baltimore, MD.

Stay tuned!


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