Choose me! Love me!

Choose me! Love me!

September 06, 2021

Everyone who works in the LBJ studio has been called over by me to look at a stone once or twice. Interrupted in the middle of what they’re doing. Traces of eye-rolling like, not again. They come over and look as I say, Oh my God, Look at this.

It’s a stone. A rock. A piece of Ocean Jasper usually, or Crazy Lace Agate, or Turquoise. 

Stones stop me in my tracks every single day. Always have. Pockets full as a kid walking around. Hikes often slow moving with me as I'm like, wait, what's this? You should see me in the big crystal exhibits at the Tucson Gem Show - I become paralyzed until I acclimate. I find these earthly treasures' vibrations to be very powerful. And choosing the individual stones for designs is very challenging … overwhelming sometimes. 

When I look at online jewelry shopping this perplexes me. It's one thing to pick a beautiful piece in person, but how can you sell an agate ring with a single photo if you will get a completely different-looking agate? What’s it all about then? And what could be worse than picking a beautiful individual stone ring from a picture and then get one that is completely different? Which it will be, by definition.

If you are a fan of LBJ, you know that we have been grappling with this problem for years. We've had multiple solutions which tried to tackle it, and now we have MANY “choose your own stone” listings. In these listings we show a sample of a style of ring or pendant or earrings, using a certain type of cabochon. Often the sample piece is not even available in the listing. Individual stones are available and you choose your own specific stone - we make the piece in your size or specification.

Here is the Malachite Basket Pendant with 3 of the stone choices available:


You don't want to choose the pendant in the photo to receive a completely different stone. And everybody chooses something different. We are as individual as they are. 

Many of our return people know that there is sometimes even more choice than in the listing and ask to see more options with specific colors or markings or flash. AAHHH …. Stone people, my heart. People who understand!

Nothing about the new Baltimore venture gives me more pleasure than to offer this same service - even better - in person on the ground! With a brick-and-mortar showroom, we will not only have the LBJ collection on display and for sale, but will invite you to experience and fall in love with all of the beautiful, individual cabochons on display, and have your choice be highlighted in our designs. 

And even more so, if you were thinking rock and mineral specimens, the answer is YES! The walls will be vibrating with crystals and minerals specimens! 

Still no specific opening date for our new location. 3600 Clipper Mill Rd., Baltimore. The anticipation is killing us. Fall 2021. Stay tuned.

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