Best Compliment Evah

Best Compliment Evah

September 15, 2020

I was at a local house concert before the pandemic and I started talking to a delightful woman -- she told she followed me on social media. I was a little caught off guard and shy to be honest -- social media feels so anonymous from my end. But then she said - you know why I love your jewelry? It’s just a little badass.

A little badass? Yes! I love that!

From the day I was born I did not like frilly. Not pink. Not Barbie. Not dresses. And not rhumba pants. More than a few times I snuck off to the bathroom to cut my hair and came back with jagged bangs looking like a poorly kept orphan boy. And troublemaker? Let’s just say I was always looking for fun.

Mock Bolos

But the idea that that personality trait comes off in my jewelry makes me realize it really is an expressive art. It’s true … I can recognize a jewelry artist’s work if I know them ... almost always. You’d think that there are only so many tricks under the sun with something as small as jewelry. But if you give 10 jewelry designers the same stone and materials they will all come up with something different. We need a reality TV show!

Basket Pendants

I don't like dainty chains. I like juxtaposition and edge ... some of my bad ass jewelry traits. I also always focus on the stones which are elemental ... that's badass I guess. Okay ... I'll take it!

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