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Two great pairs of ever so comfy and trendy .925 Sterling Silver threader earrings. We love each one as much as the other so can't guide you there, but you can't go wrong! Each offers its own feel and texture and is so light you'll forget you have them on until someone compliments you on them.

The hammered twist texture really shows the depth of the patina -- we oxidize, sand and polish to shine, while the crosshatch square wire is more modern and edgy -- we leave the sanded, oxidized finish more "rustic" with no polish on these. Each has its appeal ... choose your pair in the dropdown below or both with a discount.

Loop width - 15-16mm
Total length - 2 inches
.925 Sterling Silver
All traditional silversmithing is done in our Kensington, MD Studio.

At LBJ each piece of jewelry is made one by one at my bench. This individuality is what we end up loving about the piece ... which may vary slightly from the photo.

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