Nugget Necklace Snowflake Obsidian - .925 Sterling Silver


When you want color and you want presence and you want elegance you will grab a Nugget Necklace. Available in 5 stones (all natural and high grade) -- you will probably end up with more than one! (Bracelet and Earrings sold separately.)

8-12mm AA grade Snowflake Obsidian with little faceted pyrite -- Clearly high end Obsidian with those lovely light grey and black patterns you want. No scrimping on hefty, gorgeous and hammered .925 Sterling Silver Hoop and Loop -- easy on and off. .925 Sterling Silver

6th photo shows stones available: Snowflake Obsidian, Prehnite, Strawberry Quartz, Lapis and Amazonite

Snowflake Obsidian meaning. Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity. It balances mind body and spirit. Placed on the sacral hara chakra, snowflake obsidian will calm and soothe and allow you to view unhealthy patterns in your own behaviour, thus opening the door to change.

All jewelry designs are created using natural gemstones. There will be some natural variation in the jewelry. Our best is done to represent colors and markings in our photos.

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*All Linda Blackbourn Jewelry designs are made piece by piece at a jewelers bench. Please allow 3-5 days handling time before shipping.

Necklace length

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