Chrysocolla stud Earrings Sterling Silver Posts Earrings 8mm stone

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Chrysocolla stud Earrings Sterling Silver Posts Earrings 8mm stones

Lovely post earrings of A grade Chrysocolla -- 8mm cabochons hand set in .925 Sterling silver serrated bezels with sterling silver twist oxidized accent, -- .925 sterling silver posts and titanium clutches. 8mm stone -- 10mm measurement total. Traditional silversmithing done in my studio by me.

Chyrsocolla is first and foremost a Stone of Communication. Its very essence is devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching. The serenity of its turquoise-blue color discharges negative energies, calms, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. A peaceful stone, it emphasizes the power our words and actions have on those around us, and encourages compassion and strengthening of character.

Chrysocolla is a copper stone, ranging from light green to deep blue, and is often found in association with Malachite and Azurite. Some chrysocolla contains Cuprite. It is favored as a stone of prosperity and business astuteness, reacting upon the analytical and intuitive abilities. Like a balance scale, it can stimulate the mind and relax emotions at the same time.